About Coffee Circus Community

“Coffee Circus” and “Seven Beans” philosophy

Long time we see big chains invasion to markets, such as Starb….., McD…. and so on. This is a franchise where people without imagination but with money begin their business just by buying franchises. Of course, advertise and good location gives possibility to earn money.

Sometimes you find yourself in the place where you have no other option than just to go and spend money in those chain bars/shops cause you don‘t have any other options in that location. Yes, agree, they are strong and compete with them, sometimes even impossible.

So maybe there is no need to compete?

“Coffee Circus” community goal is different. The main goal is to keep together independent, wonderful people into one community where they could be independent coffee bar owners and they don‘t have to pay any charge to franchise holders and follow very strictly requirements, but they all would have a common name and philosophy. In this case important that buyers „coffee lovers“ knows what to expect and what they will get.

This community contains of creative People who are using Coffee Circus format and they are also becoming competitive in the market and can fight with „monsters“. This is an opportunity to be in one community feeling free, independent, and to live from this.

“Coffee Circus” community model is to help each other, they will never be sold and this community will never be just one business model. CC community impossible to buy. Community is free of any strict business rules. Being united under one sign and keeping the same coffee format and philosophy we will give buyers and coffee lovers an option and choice. Being known in the market under the same brand (name), we can move forward.





We’re looking for coffee shops, cafés and other outlets that share our passion for great coffee. As well as our coffee we can offer barista training at your place or at our training facility’s within the roastery. We sell La Marzocco espresso machines and grinders. Let’s see how we can help you, just drop us a line!

Please contact us at malta@coffeecircus.eu


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