About Peru “Tunki”

The Tunki coffee Peru is sustainably shade-grown at an altitude of 1600-1800 metres in the Peruvian Andes. This high-altitude gives Tunki it’s unmistakable delicious & crisp taste.

Tunki coffee Peru gets it’s name after the locally found wild bird (also known as ‘cock of the rocks’) is traditionally farmed and produced without the use of nasty pesticides or chemicals that not only poison the coffee and water supply but also can have major side effects on the brain development in children who are often exposed to these harmful agrochemicals. Sustainable really has to mean sustainable for all involved not simply based on profit margin.

Situated high in the mountains amongst the most beautiful flora and fauna of the Tambopata Valley the coffee beans are firstly fed and washed by pure spring waters and then harvested by hand by local indigenous Quechuan and Aymara speaking families who have worked the area for generations. Our farmers enjoy the benefits of working as a cooperative, which provides much needed annual funds and training on how to organically enhance farming conditions as well as providing a stable market for their coffee and a guarantee that a fair price will always be achieved…


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