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Costa Rica Las Trojas 250g (FUN PACK)


  • 250g
  • Tatu  (altitude ~ 1600 m)
Tasting Notes:
  • Sweet, Fruity, Nut, Cocoa
  • Medium

F A I R   T O   F A R M E R ,   D I R E C T   T R A D E

A sweet coffee with a rounded body, with notes of fruit and nut chocolate and a mellow fruity. A clean and well balanced cup.
An excellent west valley Costa, from a big coop buying cherry to strict high standards.
It’s a generic Costa style but there’s nothing generic about the cup … clean, suitable, round body and depth for espresso.
Coffees grown at high elevations of between 1220-1600meters, producing coffees with fine crisp and good body.



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